Monday, March 2, 2009

My Boy Ruf-i-OOOO!

Today was hilarious.  I finally got sick of all the hair my dog produces..and as everyone in Canada knows , this has been the worst winter, especially for dogs coats.  So I called up the local groomer and took him in.  He is not too happy with me right now because it is -20 out and he has a bare bottom...but he is still very handsome!

Training is finally back on track today.  For the past week I was in South Carolina playing golf.  It was a well deserved holiday, and for the first time I can say holiday.  We played in Seabrook, which is the golfing capital of the USA.  There was a golf course on every corner!

Arriving home to the cold was not that motivating but was ready to hammer.  I started out with a solid swim.  600 warm up around 600 drill then the main set of 2 sets of 10x (75 fast then hammer a 25!)  Then put on the pull and paddle and hammer it out for 400m.  All together did around 3600m.  Then headed to the treadmill and did a nice little run, which turned into me racing myself going sub 6min's what we do! 

Now off to ride the rollers for a couple hours!  Big week will keep you posted!