Wednesday, November 19, 2008

World Championship Report

So the year is over and I first have to thank my amazing sponsors for a great year and sticking with me. First off 2XU for a great workout, which has made me cross the finish line in style.
Next Guru and Blackwell Research for making a very fast bike, which people always want to take a picture of! Probably because it is pink..haha
Out of the water in those non wetsuit races I want to thank Xterra for making me stay with the pack and of course sable water optics for allowing me to see!
A few other sponsors which have stuck with me over the years are The Running Company, who deals with me going through shoes like you would believe and Altitude Tech who makes me fast well I sleep!
The race came quick, and after a solid year of training and racing I was feeling confident in my abilities as a professional athlete.
The gun went off and we hit the water like an ITU race. I can honestly say that was the toughest swim I have ever done with people grabbing and pulling my legs. I was pulled so much someone ripped off my chip!
Out of the water I was a couple minutes down and had to make up some serious time! I mounted my new Guru and started picking off people! 23 miles in I was at 1:02 and killing it! I passed one athlete and as I did he surged and passed me back. As he passed me a marshell came up and gave me a Red Card, which is a 4 minute penalty! I was pissed! He said I was in the drafting zone for longer then 25 seconds, which didn't make sense because he just passed me back! I had to pull over and wait 4 minutes and watched the athletes I passed blow past me!
I got back on and rode like a bat out of hell to make up time. I was excited to run and put the crazy workouts Lisa gave me to work! My goal was to stick 6:20 per mile and hold it! that would bring me in around 1:24 for 13miles! I killed it and felt awesome! I got into the groove and was hydrated. The heat didn't bother me and was excited crossing the finish line!
Next year is going to be a great year and I thank everyone for supporting me during this season. Also I can't forget my wife and friends for dealing with me being tired all the time!