Saturday, December 13, 2008

December is a busy month

This week has been a bit rough with training due to work at the gym. around December clients always want to get in and decrease stress before the Christmas Break! all together I will be working around 46 hours this week and this doesn't involve my training.

I have had some friends stick by me and attack the -10 with weather out there and have put in some solid training. My goal this week was a focus on the running and swimming. Bike was just getting on and being able to ride for a whole movie. Usually around 2-3 hours...hurts but that is what the schedule says.

My best workout of the week was done on the treadmill and it was a 15 min warm up 8 x 1 km with 1:30 rest in between. The goal was to be consistent and I pulled off the last 4 repeats holidng 3 min per km, which is getting there. I stuck most of them around 3:05-3:07...not bad for off season.

This morning I had to get in a 1:30 run so I woke up at 5am and headed out. I will say that it is quite nice running by yourself that early. There is no wind and just you out there. You have a lot of time to think and focus on the task at hand. I have a 3.5 hour bike later on today then going to hammer a swim in the afternoon. Can't stop..and I won't stop!

PS. Becoming a pro golfer..haha..thanks Conor

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Year end video

I am putting together a better video with some training footage of my Guru and ISM Seat!

Going to be insane!

Hope everyone likes!