Saturday, June 7, 2008

Big Day With the Boys

What a solid day of training. Started off with big day at the gym. Started 6am until 10am with clients working there asses off! Good Work Ladies and Gents!

I met up with Team Turnpike's one member Dave, Yorke then man! and Rachel..haha. We went too Gulliver's Lake, and did a killer swim workout. I did 1 loop moderate. 1 loop hard then 1 loop trying to hold onto Dave and Yorke...always fun..haha. All up around 40min of swimming! XTERRA IS SICK!

Then came the thunder! Dave and I did a solid bike ride through the hills on Halton . We ended up averaging around 32km and rode 3 hours around 96km. Off the bike Dave did a 40 min run and killed it. I took my puppy for a walk! Racing tomorrow!

Awesome day.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Chase Weekend Training

Sorry it has been a few days since I last posted a blog.  Work and training have been crazy.  
Race Report from Milton:  Everything was feeling great.  I had a couple great weeks of training with my team and leading up to the race I felt prepped and ready to go.  After a few open water swims with my new Xterra Vector Pro X 2 I was ready to race.  Sean and I got to the race site early and got in a solid bike and a swim to get us ready to hurt.  The swim went out hard and I felt awesome.  I got into grove and came out with the 2nd pack.  That was probably my best feeling swim in a while.  I got onto my bike and hammered.
The wind was directly in our faces, which I loved.  I was able to work my way into 4th overall just behind Andrew Yorke.  I stuck Forth position off the bike and was feeling really good on the run.
I took the run out hard and stuck it strong.  Johnny attacked on a climb and overtook me for 4th overall I ended up finishing strong in 5th.  Overall I am really happy with my race.  I felt strong in all three events and ready for Muskoka then Texas.
After the race Sean, Jenn and I did an extra 6km run because the race was pretty short for us long distance athletes!
Monday came quickly and after a long day at work I got home and headed out on a 10 mile Fartlek run.  The run felt great, legs felt great and was flying!  After the run I headed to the pool for a hard set.  Warmed up with 500m then did 500, 400, 300, 200, 100 Descend.  Felt really strong on the main set then did 10 x 100 mod on 1:40 coming in around 1:31.  Later that day I got out onto the bike for a 2 hour spin.  Felt really good.  That night I headed back into the altitude tent and slept around 9000ft!

Tuesday was an awesome day.  The rain was coming down hard and I don't know about anyone else but running in the rain is why I run.  I did another 10 miles but did 5 x hill repeats at Jack Darling park.  Long and consistent!  Running is coming along.  After I got home I headed to the pool and did 300 warm up then 15 x 100 on 1:40 1-3 descend!  That main set was for Mat..haha  Then did a couple 500's to make up the swim.  Really working on my catch and getting faster..can't let down Xterra!
Wednesday was EPIC!  Started on at Gulliver's lake up in Hamilton.  We did a 20 min hard swim. The new Xterra suit was feeling fast in the water and the catch was coming along.  Onto the bike we did a 15km loop, where Nat and I broke away and hammerfested a crazy bike split averaging over 310 watts for the loop into a 5km run.  We were hunted down like zebra's on the 1st loop of the run..haha.  The next set we were feeling fatigued but did a 30km loop.  Nat and Sean were able to break away and keep it into the run.  We did another 5km loop.  Body is feeling solid.  Was pretty tired after this day....I actually was loosing vision..haha...crazy head wind.
Thursday came and went.  I decided to take it easy on the body and did a 10km run with my puppy who is running faster then me and did a team swim.  More on speed work last night.
Today I am getting ready for an open water swim.  Gotta get the swim down then going for a 2 hour easy ride.  Nothing crazy today ...gearing up for the weekend!
This is going to be a great training weekend up in Muskoka.  Nat, Sean and I are going to up north and doing 110km bike ride into a 30min swim.  Then Sunday 55km bike ride into a 15km run..Should be fun!
Also I just wanted to wish our Canadian athletes all the best in the Worlds this weekend.!  We have some amazing athletes competing and I hope everyone Kills it!
Hewson:  It is time to let the dog out
Mat :  Bike like a boy
Johnny:  Run like you beat me..haha
and soon to be brother in law Kyle, I wish you all the best what you do and kill it!!