Sunday, December 28, 2008

Boxing Day 10 miler Report

So once again I was out on the cold day of December 26th racing, after having a few to drink the night before!  My goal was to hold or break 6 min miles, which in training I am doing consistently.  I was feeling good going into the race and ready to hurt.  I was going to stick with Mat Reid and hold tight.  

The gun went off and we hit the streets.  I took it out a bit hard with.  We hit the 1st mile in 5:30 and the 2nd we came in at 11min.  I tried to regroup and calmed myself down before blowing up.  A few of the Brooks Project team was there and wow, was that fun to watch them through down 5min miles over and over again.

At 5 miles the pack separated and I was around 29 min, which was right on pace.  Next section was the tricky part, all hills!  I dropped the pace down a bit to get myself up the hills and was caught by the 2nd female Lauren King.  I wasn't letting her go and with her help we hammered out the hill sections and made our way through the streets of Hamilton.  Into the last mile we were off pace by a 1 min and we couldn't get it back.  After a sprint finish  ...she called me out.haha we both came in at 61 minutes.  Not to bad, around 6:08 per mile.

The story doesn't end there....after Jen Coombs crossed we gathered our gear and headed to my car.  When we got there Shannon noticed glass everywhere....  Long story short, our car was broken into and someone stole our GPS.  At least they were nice enough to leave my wallet and money?  F#@#$#@ing Hamilton, was the quote of the day.

I need to make honorary mention to Jen ( who had a great race for 74 minutes, and Mat who shattered me and ran 58 min.  I am coming after you!

Training is going well.  There are days it is hard because of the weather but really feeling good with the run and the swim is coming!  

Off to bed