Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Personal Training

I was training clients last night at Kim Gym and I was having a blast and thought to myself how great it is to not only be a professional athlete but also a person who loves their job. Training is tough, don't get me wrong. Waking up at 4am every morning, being on call for clients all the time and then heading back to the gym, when most peoples days are over to train some more. I know some people say it is easy but stay motivated 24 hours a day, be on your feet most of the day and be there for people who need your help, with no time to rest....Try it out and tell me how it goes. I am one of the lucky ones who has only had mono twice from not resting haha.

I get asked by cleints if being a professional Triathlete is your dream and will I win the big show one day, and too be honest my goals are to be ranked in the top 10 in Long Course Triathlon but not to win, that would be a bonus. I love working with people, giving them the skills to do what I have done and help them lead a healthy life. Also I enjoy providing for my family and going out with Shannon. Not going to sacrifice that!

I have formed some great friendships along the way with training and helped a lot of people through difficult times. I am super excited about the path I have chosen and thanks to everyone who has been there along the way. Also to my wife who puts up with my blackberry going off every 2 seconds Thank you and I love you Shannon.

Lift Weights and Run!! it's good for you..haha

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Trainer or Outdoor Riding?

As most of you know the weather in Ontario has been, how you say, ridiculous. Today was 10 degrees outside and no need for a winter jacket or even snow tires on my bike. I headed out with Larry, Glenn and Brian today for a Aerobic 3 hour ride..Brian averaged about a 150 bpm so he was working a bit kidding Brian! It is great to be out riding right now and back into the groove of things. It was also great to hit the road and want to ride. I find during the months of October and November my motivation to ride decreases as the weather turns.

The past couple of weeks my motivation is back and I have cranked out the trainer pretty much everyday! 2 hours is easy! I find the computrainer an essential tool to get me faster on the bike because it doesn't lie. You put it at 300 watts and it stays there and you can't take it easy or avoid it. When doing tempo work it really forces me to suck up the pain and push my threshold. Don't get me wrong riding outside is a blast and great for mileage but power is needed to keep progressing in this sport of Triathlon.

After looking at the splits in Clearwater I am going to have to walk harder then ever because sub 2 hour seems easy for some of these professionals out there. 2 weeks South Carolina, Sean and I are putting in the miles and getting ready for 2010. Bike splits are going to be insane!

Over the winter anyone who wants to put down my miles on the trainer you know where to find me...!!! Keep the good weather coming!