Friday, March 20, 2009

Thursday & Friday

Thursday was a solid day. After recovering from my massage I geared up for a ride on my custom Guru. The weather was a bit chilly, but the wind was crazy today. It was heading south and the workout called for 300 + watts on the bike...which made it easy to know which way we were going to head!

I called on Brian Miller, who is an age group athlete who is going to kill it this year at Ironman France! After doing a 60min roller ride we met up and warmed up. The goal was to recover with the wind and pound the crap out of ourselves with the wind! The workout called for 5min all out! Into 5min recovery x 8. It was so windy that I was only averaging 36km an hour and easily pushing over 300+ watts! The section of road we used was a 3km rolling section, which I can usually do sub 5 min. I couldn't even make it! Love the wind! Brian learned how to hurt today!

That night I was burnt out from work and riding and called it a night. I learned if the body says no rest.  I went up to 10 000 ft again to get the full benefits of sleep!

Today was a blast.  The goal was to feel fast and do 8x1km repeats with 1 min rest.  I called my wife and asked if she wanted to do a little run with me..  I made her a sweet deal and said I would take her out for Breakfast at Cora's.  She took my offer!

My Goal was to stick around 3:15km per km.  I was feeling solid and Shannon kept me going with some sweet music!  She did great and averaged around 4:20 per km!  It was a well deserved breakfast!  

....Just want to thank Sable Water optics for the sweet goggles and 2Xu shirt with  a great logo!  Time to get fast in the water!

Also I will keep everyone posted on the Retul I am doing on Monday.  Always trying to get an edge and Ian from is keeping me ahead of the game!

Night time!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

What a Wednesday

Today was an epic day of training.  It started out with Deb and Anne in the gym kicking butt!  They did a hard full body workout and smashed it.  After that Heather attacked and threw down another solid workout!   Next was my turn.
Right now, all I can think about is St.Croix and smashing it this year.  After a flat it put me out of the race, all though I finished it wasn't my best performance.  I am feeling strong on the hills and was ready to put the speed to work!
Workout 1:  15 min warm up then a 45 min tempo run sub 6 min miles.  15min cool down with some pick ups.  I started out on the treadmill and within 3 minutes I ended up running down Lakeshore.  I was feeling good and got into it.  My main focus on this run was to hurt or drop!  I started off feeling good and it only got better.  I ran down Lakeshore, which is constantly rolling hills.  After all said and done I polished 10 miles easy!
Interlude:  I booked an appointment with Patti Campbell (RMT on Lakeshore), she was great and broke me.  As she put it flushed out the system!  After that I got home went grocery shopping then I had an epsom salt bath.
Workout 2:  Aerobic Ride, 2 hours rolling hills.  Ride Strong.  I was feeling really good and had some good tunes to get me into the groove.  The weather was finally co-operating so it made it easy to be out there for 2 hours.  There was some serious wind out there..haha
Workout 3:  4000m swim:  The main set was 30 x 100 and let me tell you after a big workout day swimming is tough!  I felt really good with the paddles on every 2nd 100m and really focused on a strong stroke on the odd 100.
After that got home and into the tent I went.  Took it high last night and slept at 10 000 ft!  Sleep high Train low!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Roads we take

So today started out to be a great day. My clients were on point this morning at the gym and I had an amazing run . But by mid afternoon I was over going to swim practice and heading back to work. I have a really good friend Steph who took me out for a drink. (much needed)

As my father explained it, we grow up and have people in our lives that we stand behind. I love my wife very much and have her back no matter what. Through thick and thin I will be there to love her, support her and protect her.

Tomorrow is going to be a great training day and going to get some serious sleep tonight to be ready

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Training

What a weekend of training.  To everyone who doesn't know I have just signed on to race St.Croix 70.3.  I have some serious redemption on that bike course after I blew my tire out!  Goal right now is get the mileage under the legs to hammer a serious race out!  Possible money????

Saturday started with work in the morning then headed home ready to put in 2.5 hours of running.  I decided to run all of Milton.  around 18 miles in I attacked Steeles road to simulate the final climb in St.Croix.  Killed it!  Legs felt pretty good!

Today was insane.  It started with a speed set in the water at UTM.  Goal was to keep the speed well getting longer.  Man did it work.  My goal was to hold around 1:24 per hundred the whole time.  I got home then headed out on the bike with the Parson Clan!

We Finally had a nice day out and were able to put in close to 3 hours of riding!  Time to see the Watchmen.  One more week hammer.  Feeling good

Naked News

Friday was another cold day outside.  It was supposed to be around 5 degrees, but when Bob, Brian and I went outside to do a brick interval session, we couldn't feel our feet!

So Bob opted out of the brick and Brian and I finished it off in my basement!  It was a solid effort.  Because we already had around 30min under our belts we went into the main set, which was 3x 10 min hard as you can on the bike into a 1 mile run on the treadmill! Smash the hell out of it!

Brian learned how we trained real quickly..haha  Goal was to push above 300 watts and then run at 11mph on the treadmill.  Goal accomplished!  Brian smashed it also and is going to be a serious threat this year.  I am going to have to start watching my back!

Later that day I headed to the annual bike show to help out Ian from
and Guru.  What a response from everyone on his fitting (which is the best around)!  I then got interviewed by Naked News..they wanted my bike..not me..haha  (I tried to take off my clothes!)  I also had a big response on the ISM saddles, which saves my bum on long rides!

All and all a Solid friday