Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Run, Run and More Run

First off, I have to say congrats to my bro Kyle. He just raced Nationals and took 2nd overall in a strong field with Simon leading the way. It will be awesome to see what he does on the Gold Coast!
Training has been great. I haven't ran so much in my life and I am enjoying every minute of it. I never thought it would feel this easy to run. Once I get my ass out the door and legs moving, running just flows and it is the best feeling ever.

On Saturday after a 2 hour hammer fest..on the traine, (It was raining) I headed to Neyagawa and did descending loops. I started out fast and wanted to punish myself a bit. The loop is around 8ish km and nailed it in 38 min then my next lap before hitting the street was down to a 34min. I was flying! On the road I cooled it down to make 13miles.

The next day was tough. It was Raining and just not nice out so I went out for an hour...got dumped on ...then headed back and made it on the trainer for about 90 min then called it a day. I went swimming in the morning so didn't feel that bad. That night I had to do a 45min acceleration run so when Shannon had to go out I went with her. She was meeting a friend at Starbucks in Oakville. I decided to run home......I should have checked the distance because it ended up being 13km up hill! Whoops! 45min turned into 59 min but felt awesome!

Today was key though. The bike was a tough one by myself. I took my bike to work then road 110km from the Gym to King Rd, which is a crazy hill for training near Waterdown, then home. OFf the bike I killed it. Got in the door, put on a pair of running shorts then set the treadmill to 10mph and ran. I was flying and 3.1 miles in I was at sub 18min! Feeling great I finished my run off then headed out for dinner with my beautiful wife!

The Picture above is the closet I have ever been in a race to Craig..haha