Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mississauga Half Marathon

Race Review.  Well after a crazy training week who would have thought about doing a 1:22.  

My goal for the day was to hold 6:20 per mile.  I took it out and stuck it.  I didn't change the pace once and Dave was right, it did feel good.  After I finished I got to see my Fiance Shannon cross with an amazing time of 1:46.  She is a machine and I love her so much!  PS she doesn't like hugs after running a half..found that out real quickly!

After the race we headed to Cora's for a solid meal and then we went out for dinner with my family.  A solid day and happy with the results so far.  Now I just have to stick it off a bike.  Thanks Glynn!

This week has been all about the run and swim.  I am gearing up for Texas and it is going to be a chilly race so Xterra is going to get me through the swim with their Vector ProX2.  Fast in the on the bike and kill the run..I don't ask for much..haha

Tomorrow is a serious brick with the boys...!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Epic Training Week

 What was supposed to be an easy week turned into a crazy ass training week:

Monday was the travel day so was sort of SOL for training.  Although flew home with Richie Cunningham, who is a really down to earth guy.  Just gotta catch him in the future!

Tuesday was back to business.  I did an easy 10km run at Hilton Falls.  Really just wanted to loosen up the legs.  Then the swim set was great.  200m warm up.  4x 100 on 1:45, 200m easy, 4 x 100 on 1:40, 200 m easy, 4x 100 on 1:35, 200 m easy, 4 x 100 on 1:30, 200 m easy.  Followed by 12 x 12.5 head up front crawl 12.5 spin the arms out.  Then a cool down.  Main goal is to increase my threshold.

Wednesday was another solid swim.  300m warm up then 12 x 200m 1-3 descend.  300m cool down.  Avg I was coming in on 3:10 an fast was 2:58.  Then did a great tempo run.  15min easy 15min 6mile pace then 15min 7mile pace with a cool down.  I think I did around 8 miles.

Thursday I headed to Flamborough to to track.  Did a solid 3mile warm up then 4 x 1 mile trying to hold 6:20 per mile.  Let me know tell you this is harder then it looks.  The first few I was coming in sub 6 min mile.  So my main goal was to pull back on the rains a bit.  I finished off the last two at around 6:10 per mile.  Then did a 2 mile cool down.  Not a bad 9 mile run.  Then did a awesome pool workout with Mat.  It was 8 x 100 with 20 sec rest then 200 m recovery into 8 x 50 threshold on 3 min.  My avg speed was around 37sec per 50m.  It is coming.  Need to get that technique down.  into 2 x 200 m scull swim. All and all a solid day

Friday was swim day.  After some intense running workouts I wanted to focus on the swim.  So I did a solid warm up around 500m then did 4 x 500m on 9 min.  I felt great.  I was feeling realy consistent and flowing the stroke.  Thanks Mat!

Saturday was the day.  Hewson came over and wanted to lay a hurt on me;)....or was it the other way around.  We took Benson and Stella out on a 90km Journey.  For anyone who doesn't know...those are our tri bikes.  Funny part is no one ever waves to you on a tri bike....I don't get it..haha....  The main goal today was to be consistent.  So we stuck 200w the whole ride.  We went from my place all the way to Limehouse and back....ok we really got lost and ended up in a place could limehouse.  After almost being hit by a guy in a pick up we got the hell out of Limehouse.  Off the bike we took Rufus and Remy for a solid walk in the field then got to work on the run.    Did  I mention I am doing the Mississauga Half Marathon today (Sunday)!  We did a 10km run and really worked on form and changing a few things on my stride.  For people who don't know I am a major toe runner and Dave thought it was a bit too much.  After fiddling with a few things I am very excited about the outcome and ready to try it out today.

Today is sunday morning 5:20am and my legs are a bit fatigued after this week...haha  Feeling really sold for today race.  Shannon is still sleeping so I have to go wake her up!

will post the results later!