Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Started out the week great when I stepped on the scale and it said 156! That is a decrease from 161. It has a bit to do with the amount of running I am doing and also the Altitude Tent, which I am sleeping at 12 500 feet now! What a rush. After no sleep because someone had to go to the bathroom I was able to have a stellar swim practice and throw down and easy 10km on the Monday.

Tuesday...again no sleep was a workout I was dreading but very excited for. It was pouring rain so I took the workout inside. 2km warm up 3 x 3km repeats with 1km run in between. I WANTED TO HURT TODAY...Ran the 1st repeat in 11:23 just to get the legs going then it went down from there. 2nd repeat was 10:40 and my final 3km repeat was 10:23 which is sub 3:30 per km! I hurt but it felt great. That night hit the pool and threw down over 3km of Free and IM work...felt great!

Wednesday was all about track. After reading Alan Webbs Sub mile performance in Belgium, setting the new American record I wanted to hurt and throw down another great workout. 20 min warm up 8 x 400 with 200m rest on 3min. I took the 1st out fast and ran a 73 second 400m....feeling great and effortless I was able to do 6 more 400m on 73 seconds and everyone hurt...the final I tried to push out but ended up with a 76. The Nomads were at the track and I was feeling strong so I decided to push out 2 more 600m repeats. The 1st repeat went great. rounded 400 in 80 seconds and was able to go sub 2min into the final 200m. Led it out! The 2nd and final 600m Carlos led out and rounded 400m in 77, 3 seconds faster then we wanted...we held in strong and but down another sub 2min 600m! Great track workout!
Took swimming off tonight...need the rest big day tomorrow!

Almost There

Had a low Key weekend with a good amount of training. Did 1:45 on the bike into a 45min tempo run off the bike Saturday and Sunday threw down a 21km run in 1:32. Felt really strong and did some major hills which is great prep for my upcoming race!

After a great golf game of 89...should have been a 87 but man long story but one hole didn't go so well after hitting a tree, we got a new addition to our lives and his name is RUFUS! A beautiful baby boy..golden retriever.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

More and More Training

Wednesday was another solid training day. Made it out for 2 hour hard bike into a 10km hard run off the bike. Listened to the new Avril Song 'Hot' and MAN! was I flying. Today hurt so I didn't go to swimming, needed the sleep!

Thursday was a great day of training. The weather wasn't playing in my favour so I took'er indoors style! Did a good 20 min warm up on the bike into a 3 km run. Now for the main set. Was on the cycle ops, which shows WATTS and threw down 30 min avg 260 WATTS into a 2km run sub 7min. Then took a couple minutes to regroup and did another hard 30 min at 280 WATTS into a 4km run sub 14min! At that point I was spent...after some more training I went to the pool and got owned. The whole practice was 200's IM.

Friday was a rest day