Monday, July 13, 2009

Travel Time

What a week of training. It has been nuts. I have been working and training like a mad man and my hobbies now include sleeping and napping..haha

This will be my only blog for the next 9 days. I am off to Greece with Shannon, Steph and Tara. Should be fun. Also I know everyone told me to enjoy but still have some serious training! Run and Swim focus! And of course being the best husband ever!

This week has been about recovery and hurting!

Monday was a good day at Masters. My coach Mike is great and never lets up on me. I had a great swim in Peterborough and again he asked if it was 26..I said no and that lead me to another shattering in swimming..haha After that I got out on the bike for a couple hours. Just had some fun!

Tuesday I had a 2 hour cruise on the bike, so decided to bring out my blue stallion and hit the single track. I love cross biking and had so much fun. Headed into Kelso and ripped it up for a bit. I kept my composer and didn't do anything stupid although the jumps did look good...haha Off the bike I took my puppy for a 30 min run. My dog is usually good at dropping a 25min 5km but got emotional today and had issues...32min later we were home ..haha Love my boy! Hit the pool that night and was killing it. Was hitting 50's on 35 seconds. To swimmers that sounds slow but for me that is blistering!

Wednesday was fun. I took my client Mike out for a little spin and we did big gear work. The idea is to put it in the hardest gear you have and grind it out for 4x 10 min. We used , I think, 8th concession off Britannia. Legs were feeling great! So I headed to the track. The guys were doing 6 x 1km I did 4 x 1km because I was only supposed to do an easy 60 min run. I was slamming down 3:14 per km. It's coming! After that I finished off the run with Bob and made up the 60min. I also hit my swim in the morning and if I remember correctly it was a 400m set. It was long..haha

Thursday was a good day. Kelso swim! then ran the Milton course. Doing a lot of running. Need to get fast! Sub 1:18 here I come!

Friday was the money maker! 6 x 6min Bell school line climb, into 30min TT above 300 watts Easy into 2 x 1 mile then 2mile TT then do another 2 x 1 mile ...killed it!!! All miles were were around 5:54 Sub 6 is were I gotta be!

Saturday was good. it was a 5 hour ride. The weather was very emotional so I got out early. I had to bring someone for this 130-140km ride so I called on Young buc Parsons! I woke him up and told him to get ready. The weather said 70% chance of rain but we attacked and got hit hard!!! 2 hours in we got smashed by rain and that is when Mac blew his tire. Now most people carry a spare that doesn't have a hole in it! Not Mac, he doesn't mess around haha....long story short I gave him my spare. We were only 2 hours in...soaked and had an option trainer or suck it up and keep going. Lets just say we got it done. Sun came out, we dried off and kept going strong! All good. Off the bike we threw down a 30 min run!

Sunday was shattering..! Worked all day. Swam in the morning but that is all I could handle. Came home and slept.

So here I am today leaving for Greece in 20 min and did a 3km swim this morning and 2:15 run! Tired and ready to sleep on the plan.