Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Weekend of Training

What a week. Peterborough is coming close and I have been training like a mad man to get ready for it.

Saturday was awesome. I met up with Sean, Dave, Taylor and John. We met up at 8:30 Saturday at the Quarry for a solid swim. The goal was to hammer! Week before the race..no holding back! After the swim we headed out on the bike. Sean had a 2 hour threshold ride, which worked perfect for me. My goal was hammer for 15min then recovery 10-15min. Worked awesome! Thanks for the ride Sean. We made 75 km in 2 hours. Off the bike I wanted to hammer. Sean had to do a 20km tempo run and said he was going to go controlled but 5km in and we were around 17min flat I knew that wasn't happening. On the way back we came in around 34 min for 10km. I called it a day and let him attack the rest of the run!

Sunday was a fun day. Sean and I headed up to Buckhorn, just outside Peterborough. We started with a 2km open water swim race with the Runner's Life Group. It was a great event and recommend it to anyone looking for a race scenario. The competition was fierce and I had to take it out hard!! Sean got out a bit ahead of me and I let him get away from me...haha None of that is true. He is so fast it scares me. Picture a Shark (Sean) against Nemo (me)haha. Sean did 25min and I did 29. It was nice to get out in the water!

After that we headed out on the bike. We wanted to take the group through a training session we would do and also answer any questions or concerns with racing and nutrition. It was a great ride until the rain started! It didn't stop for 40km! After taking my Guru on single track..yes Single track! Thanks Dave!! At Least we know the wheels hold up! We packed it in and headed home.

Monday was a awesome swim with Mike. Again I got my ass handed to me in the water and feeling ready for Peterborough. Today was a ride with Jim and Shannon on the trainer... Nothing Special, weather hasn't been great!