Thursday, September 20, 2007

Swimming Breakthrough

This has been a great week for swimming. Early season, so that means a lot of work on things I usually don't do. Such as kicking!! A lot of kicking. Every set since Monday has had some form of intense kicking, with running a ton this week takes its toll.

Running as been great, I have logged in over 40km this week and am looking to do a 90min tempo run tomorrow morning with an epic bike before hand.

Biking I have put out over 120km riding and is feeling good.

Oh and I can't forget about my tent! is wicked!

Big things Poppin' this weekend

Sunday, September 16, 2007

ITU Duathlon Parry Sound

It was a cold weekend to race. The temp made it too 8 degrees and the wind was howling.

Besides making it to the race 40 min before start, Sean and I were feeling as ready as we could to hurt in the duathlon.

The course was 10km run, 40 km draft legal, 5km run. It started out fast and Furious. The main group took the pace out around a 3:20 and soon dropped down 1km in. After a fun little course, I came out with a 35:47km 10km run. That is actually a new PB for me!! And Sean ran 33 something. He was looking good.

As we hit the bike I was rounding out the pack...yes 35 doesn't cut it in a du you have to run sub 33 to be in the main pack. I rode the 40km course solo and did a 1:07...not too shabby for solo. The main group did a 1:05 and Sean the best he is did a 1:02!

After coming into transition I called it a day.... my legs were shot and I was not excited to do the last 5km. I came out to kill the 10km and hurt on the bike, which I did.

All and all a great training day! Sean hurt the duathletes on the bike and was able to take 3rd Canadian and 4th overall. After a little helmet incident and was given a 3min penalty and given a 10th place finish.

Back to train. Start altitude training tomorrow.! Time to get fast