Thursday, October 11, 2007

How Not To MTB

This is a video of Sean and Mike as we did a MTB ride in Albion Hills on the Monday. First off I just wanted to say I did not attempt this because of the World Championships coming up.....and also I would have ended up in the water..haha After Sean warped his wheel we did a 10min HARD ASS RUN...into 20min easy, that made it about 6km. Then into a 1.2 km swim at the quarry. Sean sent me out like a zebra to get hunted down. Felt really good and he didn't catch me..( I would hope not considering he gave me a 6min head start..) Then we Ate like kings for TG!

Tuesday Came quick and it was back to working out. Today it was rainy and got the courage to go run 21km. A classic route from my house to Neyagawa through the trails and run home. I was able to get that done in 1:35...not bad for a training run. At night we had a 90 min swim was a blur to me

Wednesday was another good workout for running. This would be the 6th day in a row of running and it is feeling good. I threw down a 75 min run and did 3min hard Fartlek with 2min rest for the whole run. Shannon and I went out for dinner after that and man, when you run that much you gotta eat!

Today was a great workout. Sean met me at the track and we did a 15min warm up...Sean took a shit, and then we got to work..haha...6x1km repeats on 6 min. I opened up with a 3:18km and Sean threw down a 2:58km...after the 6th Sean was able to hold 3min per kilometer and I was holding 3:20 per legs felt like jello. After that I hit the pool and was not informed we were doing IM repeats off the blocks...always fun.

Tomorrow is a 4km swim with a 60 min pick up run....60 miles and counting this week in it!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Put It Down

Tuesday was another solid day of training 75 min Fartlek run. It turned into a fast 10 miler! After that headed to the pool for a 1:30 swim practice

Wednesday was a good one: Met Steve at the track at 10:30am and we did 5 x 400m with 200m rest. We were coming in sub 80 and brought it home in 74 seconds. In between we did a 10min tempo run and were keeping sub 3:30 pace on the track. We then finished with 3 x 400m with 200m rest. Thank you Bowerman for the workout! Swim practice at night. I can never remember the practice they come and go in a blur.

Thursday I met Sean for a brick workout. It was a humid day. We warmed up then did a big loop into a flat hard loop. It was just over 23km and then ran 4km hard off the bike. I came in just under 14min, which is holding sub 3:30km.

Friday it got fun. Sean and I headed to Meadford where we threw down a 108km bike ride averaging 32km. That is a good speed and man did we feel that. After we headed to his neighbors pond and did around 2km in the water. I worked on catching the water and drills. Then we headed to Ted's Road Range where we had Buffalo. We didn't try the Elk, sorry James.

Saturday we woke up early to a Torrential down pour. We contemplated life and decided to head out for our 10mile fast run. It was the best run I have ever done. There were hills, off roading and rain. All of my favorite things. The run flew by and we came in just over 70 minutes for 10 miles. It was too crazy to bike so we packed up and headed home for Thanksgiving.

Sunday started early at 5am with Steve. We met before the world was awake for a 10mile run. We came in at 72 minutes, which for running threw the woods without lights is pretty damn good. At 7:30am I met up with Bob and the guys and we headed to Dundas Valley for a great MTB ride. It got muddy because of the rain and man was I dirty. But a solid 2 hour ride.

Time to eat