Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cera Sport and Rev 3 Race Report

This past weekend I was in Middlebury Connecticut racing the Rev 3 Half Ironman. First off, I have to thank Heather for a great race. If you are looking for a great race and great competition Rev 3 is the way to go. Arriving at the pro meeting it was great to see everyone at the start of another season. I knew though it was going to be a tough with all the competition!

Jon, Mike and I made our way down on Friday and it only took 7.5 hours, not to shabby. When we arrived we went for a quick swim in Quassy and right away I knew there was going to be a no wetsuit swim. So thankful Xterra has a skin suit or it would have been a long day in the water! After we got back to the hotel we met up with Jasper who wasn't feeling to hot, but was ready to race.

Saturday came quick and I was staying hydrated on CeraSport, which is gluten-free so made my tummy feel good! After a morning ride I hit the pro meeting, swim and then got my rest on. Morning came quick....

So being the first half of the season I was going into this race with no expectations. I put in the work and was ready to see the outcome. Running has been going well so was hoping for a solid run off the bike. The swim started and I couldn't hang onto the front pack, which opened up with a 1:10per 100 sprint! I fell into pace and came out of the water in 29 and change with 4 other guys. After a quick run to transition I was spot on 30min...Love canada for the cold weather and my Xterra Wetsuit.haha

Onto the bike I was excited to see what my Specialized Transition has. It is by far the most responsive bike I have ever ridden. Gears dialed it in before I left and was feeling great the whole ride. I avg 285 watts and came off the bike in 2:32. I can't explain how hilly it was. The boys after the race said it was tougher then Muskoka and St.Croix by far. I will have to 2nd that...

Onto the run the legs were tired but my goal was to keep the run up and be strong till finish. Had a great plan with nutrition on the bike and went through 2 bottles of CeraSport, 5 gels and tons of salt pills. It was 90% humidity so staying hydrated is key. I started off and felt pretty good. Didn't want to kill myself on the run but was able to pass a couple athletes as I pushed hard up all the hills...there was a lot of them! Finished in 4:38...not to shabby.

Overall, I am happy with the race and the outcome. When Crowie is the only one to break 4 hours you know the race is tough. I am excited to Welland and feeling in 4:10 shape right now which is going to be great. I figured get the tough races out of the way early. Thanks to all my sponsors, Saucony for the Great Suit, Cera Sport for keeping my hydrated during a tough race. Xterra and Sable for keeping me a float ISM for making my bum feel good and Gears for making my bike super fast;)

Recovery time right now