Saturday, May 23, 2009

Neyagawa Assualt

Today was all about the run. 2 hour run. Every 30min drop the pace and give'r! It was a hilly course with 3 major hills so my goal was to stick around 4:25 per km for the first lap and drop it down.

I had some great company today with Jim, Brian and of course Bob! Jim and I got out front and stuck the 4:24 per km for the first 8km, which was around 35 min. The next lap I was on my own 4km in and came through the 2nd lap sticking 4:16 per km which put me at 33:51. After a gel and some Cera Sport EX1 I was onto my 3rd lap and feeling great! The Cera Sport really sat in my stomach well! With the low Osmolarity it was a great mix of Potassium and Sodium to get my body moving fast! I was feeling great and went for it. I powered the hills and came through holding 4:00 per km and that was 31:49! I still had a around 14 min left so I hit the road and dropped the hammer to race pace. I was holding around 5:50 per mile, which is around a 3:30 per km. It was awesome. My body held strong and the legs are feeling great! Thanks Cera Sport for a great product!

After the run I headed straight to the pool. My legs were tired so I did a solid aerobic set around 3km of swimming left I called it a day!

Off to watch UFC!!! Evans should win!
PS...this is a pic of how pale I am..haha

Friday, May 22, 2009

Victoria Pictures

Xterra Vendetta

So milton is a week away and today was all about getting comfortable in the water with a wetsuit on. We have had a great winter...haha so swimming in Kelso was not in the mix for me so the pool I went! I felt great today with the Vendetta on! It is really comfortable and has great flexibilty through the shoulders. I did a 750m time trial to get my time and comfort and threw down a 10:58 for 750m in the pool. Not bad 1:28 per 100. Sub 11 is good for me in Milton. The bike is what I want to be on!

Feeling good

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Race Report

First off, little update for everyone Victoria Duathlon is not in Guelph! I sort of messed up the directions and forgot the race was in Waterloo..around 25min extra drive..whoops!

So I started off solid showing up 25min before the race start but got my bike into transition and got out for a run. Ok, so here is a lesson in doing a triathlon or Duathlon....always check your bike! I switched over my wheels and put my 808 on the back and didn't notice that my hub was loose. This caused my wheel to rub against the frame. Yes my pink lady now has a nice little mark on her. Also, least I know now I can hold 320 watts for 30km ...and still have a pretty good bike split.....7th overall bike split avg 39km...I really noticed the friction on the down hill!

So the first run was solid. The boys took it out hard and came into transition in the 2nd pack. Ran sub 14 not bad. Got onto the bike and hammered my ass off! Made back a few spots and held strong into the 2nd run...not that quick 15:11 for 4km yuck! It was well deserved about a stupid move on my behalf!

So got home and onto my Trigger Point rollers to take some of the lactic acid out of the legs. The next day I was ready to go! I was feeling really motivated after not finishing what I wanted to finish at the race! So here is what I did so far!

Tuesday: 2.5 hour bike. Stay above 200 watts and cruise it. Focus on proper fueling into a 30min run. I really felt good on the run. PM Headed to swim practice. Main set was 4 x 10 x50 min on 50 seconds with 100 recovery after every 10! Felt really good!

Wednesday: Swim practice in the morning. Main set was 2 ( 3 x 300m ) pull, Dps and 3 x 100 on 1:40 ...yes Buddy 1:40..haha...I will get you on the bike!

In the afternoon I met up with Mat Reid and Brian Miller at the track! Main set was 10 x 1km. I was excited and scared for this set all day. My Goal was to keep every km below 3:30. We had a nice wind coming at us down the home stretch, which made it fun.

Here are the splits:

1) 3:25 2) 3:23 3) 3:25 4) 3:27 5) 3:24 6) 3:27 7) 3:30 8) 3:29 9) 3:30 10) 3:30

I was shattered but held strong the whole run. I used Cera Sport EX1 to keep me hydrated out there and it is the first drink that really sits well in me and allows me to hammer and not feel like I am going to through up!

Tomorrow is a big bike and run.. time to get fast

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wedding and More Wedding

So training week ok over the past couple of days. I first had to take care of business! I was the MC at Jen and Mike' Amaral! Wedding. It was a great night and Both of them looked great. I must say it was nice to be on the other side, knowing how hectic the planning of a wedding is! The food was great and once the music went on Shannon and I were out there shaking it up! Ps, my wife looked amazing!

So earlier in the day we had a rain storm, which stopped before the wedding. I saw a window to get out there and ride but it ended up pouring buckets on me! I took my road bike out so it was ok and to be honest, quite enjoyable. All I could think about was that cover of Lance Armstrong's book WARS! Now I just need to ride like him..haha

After that bike I was able to do a 30 min cruise run...just get out the cob webs and shed a few pounds before I put in a ton of food.

Today was great. Shannon and I slept in a bit because Swim Practice was cancelled. My coach Mke was racing in Quebec at Nationals and with the help of my Xterra wetsuit set a new Provincial Record of 4:14 for 400m. To anyone reading this who doesn't understand times that is rocket up your bum fast. Mike thanks Xterra! I was able to get out onto the bike today with the help of Derek.

Lately the weather hasn't been cooperating with us and we have had either warm, rainy days or sunny windy as hell days. Today was the windy as hell days. I got out onto my Crono for a tune up before tomorrows race. My main concern was figuring out what wheels I was going to use. As Shannon explains it, like picking out what shoes to wear with her dress. haha I decided tomorrow I am bringing out the 808 on the back and a 404 on the front! Going to be fast. I then got out for a run and was feeling fast. The saucony flats are fast and should do well tomorrow!

I am excited to get out and race with all my tri buddies. It will be good to mingle and race with them....main threat is Sharratt..haha! Love you buddy!

Will let you know how it goes!