Saturday, March 1, 2008

Winter Training

What can you say about this weather. -15 to -30, wind that can blow you over and loosing feeling in your body. Other then that training is going Great.

Last Sunday I had a solid half marathon. Not what I wanted but there was a crazy head wind on the way in from the run. I ended running a 1:25:04, which is pretty good for early in the season. After that to calm the legs Shannon and I went for a 90 min Cross Country Ski.

Monday was another fun day. Bob and I made it out on our roads bikes for a solid 85 min ride. For a winter day it was perfect we maintained a solid effort. After that I took Rufus for a 30min cross country ski. He is getting bigger and faster! Tonights swim practice was from 9pm to 10pm. It was a tough set. 14 x 75 IM into then 15 x 100 IM 1 to 3 descend. With a solid warm up and cool down. I also have a bet going with my coach to make every swim practice till May or I have to do 10 x 100 fly!

Tuesday I really felt the legs, so I took it easy. Did an easy 30 min run, worked, and then went to swim practice. This was a tough one. The coach thought it would be fun to burn out our arms before swimming! In between each set we did 100 pullies. The set's were 3 x 1000. First set was Fly, Back Second Set was Back Breast and Third set was Breast, Free. After that we did 5 x 200 Pull Descending. Was hitting 1:25 per 100, which for me is really good. Swim is coming along nicely.

Wednseday. I Love Wednesday! I really like hurting on this day. In the morning Rufus and I went for a quick cross country ski then I rested for track that night. Today we took it easy with 5 x 800. Coach said to go a bit easier but I was able to hit 2:37, which hurt but felt good. That night another solid swim with sprints!

Thursday was a light day and did an easy trainer ride then another swim practice at night .

Friday I took the day off work! What a awesome day, got my taxes done and then threw down 14km run up the escarpment. Went up 14 sideroad and did 90 hard followed by a light jog going up. When I hit the top of the escarpment I went 5km tempo run and it felt good. After taking my time going down Bell School Line I picked up the pace for another Fartlek!

Only 5 days until Florida! Get me to the warmth