Saturday, December 12, 2009

South Carolina Training Camp

Sean, Bob, Glenn and I headed to South Carolina on Tuesday to get in some much needed training. This trip was to keep the motivation up as the weather started to get cold and to put miles on the legs!

Day 1: We got super lucky and the weather turned out to be 18 degrees! Amazing. Sean and I were trying to avg around 250 watts on the hills and keep it steady. The roads were beautiful and smooth, which made it ideal! Honestly for anyone looking for some amazing training head to SC! We ended up doing around 120km on day one! Close to a 5 hour ride with around 4000 calories burned oh yeah!

Day 2: This was going to be a fun day. Everyone told me about Caesar Head a 5mile climb with some solid switch backs. George Hincapie rides here with Tyler Hamilton and other Pro Riders on the Tour. I was super Excited! The word on the street was George did the climb in under 30min..damn!! I started a bit earlier but was around 40 min! I figured I was avg around 300 + watts the whole way up!! Sean then had a scenic route planned that almost cracked me! haha The route was a 20km loop, which broke both of us. 115km of Riding.

Day 3: It got chilly out. The weather was around 1 degree celsius and looked as if it wasn't going to get warmer. We did Caesar Head again then started a loop....until we couldn't feel our hands anymore. The weather was so cold ice was forming all over the place. We decided to call it a day and ended up doing 70km.

All together we did over 300km of riding in 3 days and I also got in a run on day 3! Oh yeah!! Check out the pics!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mileage vs. Quality

It is 6:48 in Victoria right now and I can't sleep so I decided to blog. It has been great to catch up with Kyle and Kelly. There apartment is great, a 2 bedroom located just outside downtown. Down the street are some of the best trials I have been on and as Shannon would say some of the best hiking!

I have been doing a lot of research on the difference between mileage running and Quality running. I came into the sport late so for me building up some serious mileage is necessary because other athletes have been doing it for years running and in the pool. This year I am excited to finally focus on quality running.

There is a great site called which calculates your VDOT number. This number will help you put together quality workouts based around the speed your are going at now. I showed it to Kyle and it was sent to his coach right away! Thanks Mike. Looking at the times for most guys in my field you have to run a sub 1:20 off the bike to compete...I am close, with hopefully with a lot of hard work I will be running a 1:18 off the bike this year and placing well within the field!

Ok Back to bed, check out the site!