Monday, November 12, 2007

Post Race

I arrived in Florida on the Wednesday and was greeted by the Astrab Family, who for the 2nd time have welcomed me into their home! Thanks again John, Anthony, Rose, and Big John, for your hospitality!

I was able to fit in a massage on the Wednesday from a lady named Andrea, who looked like she would be a softy, but turned out to kick the crap out of me..haha. After getting broken, we went down to the race site and gathered all the packets and headed home.

My taper was awesome so after a 1km swim and a 40 min run with pick ups we rested! However Saturday came quick!

Race Day! I woke up a bit tired, which meant my body was rested. We arrived at the site around 5:30 and of course it was rammed with people running about like they haven't raced before. I went to my bike, but my shoes on the clips and went and sat down and listened to my music. I found out my wave didn't go off until 8am so I had time to chill out.

Swim Start: I was able to get good position entering the water and got on the 2nd pack, we rounded the 1km around 13 high and headed back inland with a blinding sun. It took us off course a bit but we quickly got back at the swim and I came out in 29min. Transition was quick and I headed out on the bike.

Bike: The bike was fast. On the way out there was a headwind so I was only avg around 38 but at mile 20, it got crazy. East Park Road at a tail wind, which got my bike up to 50km at some points. I flew the whole way back and came off the bike...feeling good in 2:12

Run: I felt awesome. Legs were turning over, my hair was blowing in the win and for the 1st 7 miles I was holding 6min miles, and came threw 11km in 40 min, which is just below a 4min km. The next 10 km were tough. But after a grueling causeway climb I came through the finish in 4:17 min. I broke my previous time by 15 minutes.

After taking time to look back at the race there is always room for improvement. I am happy but not satisfied. I am going to take a little break from training, then come back strong and ready for 2008. I am racing all 70.3 as an elite and want to represent myself, my team and Canada to the best of my ability. So that means lots and lots of miles over the course of the winter. TRAIN SMART...TRAIN HARD!