Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bracebridge Report

Past weekend was the Bracebridge Half Ironman put on by Multisport. I really enjoy this race because it is a time for Shannon and I to get away to Muskoka and hey! , it's my wedding anniversary. I have a very understanding wife;) Muskoka is always a great place to race with terrain that will really tell you if you are fit or not. This Half was a great test going into Cedar Point in 5 weeks.

The weather was calling for 40% chance of rain but by the time the swim started it changed to 90% and man did it rain. This is 3 years in a row of rain on that Sunday. John Salt said I was not allowed back to that race anymore...I think he was serious. Other then weather conditions I was feeling pretty good. Mike gave me a whole 1 day taper haha...meaning I was coming into this race asking for some punishment! The swim started fast and was able to get onto the feet of a couple fast swimmers and got into my groove. I am not the fastest in the water but I can sure find feet;) I came out in 29min, which seems to be the ticket these days. By the time I got through transition I was sitting in 5th overall. I was excited to test out my new Mach Bike. It has been putting up some crazy numbers in training and didn't disappoint this day either. I avg 38km/h which is the same as last year with a lot less effort. I really focused on heart rate because with Ironman coming I didn't want to be crazy. I dialed it in around 150-158 and cruised. Of the bike I was feeling great!

My goal was simple hammer the first 5km and then see where everyone is. I opened it up with a 20min 5km and by the first turn around I was sitting a km ahead of the 2nd place guy so I knew I had time to play with. I really was focused on heart rate so settled my breathing down and ran consistently at 150-165. It felt like a long run and was able to work on my form and staying strong. Into the final 5km I was having a blast cheering people on as they started the 13mile adventure. It was nice not to worry about the time so much and more on heart rate. It was great to win Bracebridge again and congrats to all that finished, it was a super tough day.

Mentally and Physically I am ready to race the Full

Next up is Cornwall Olympic next weekend then doing a 24 hour of Adrenaline race....don't ask haha.

Monday, August 9, 2010