Friday, September 14, 2007

Feeling Ready

This week as been a great week for swimming. The focus has been a lot of Breast stroke, kicking and aerobic build up.

I am feeling really comfortable in the water and with a ton of kick am starting to get the core working with the stroke. The repeats on the kick were wicked.

Have been tapering down for the weekend. Du Nat's! This means a 10km run 40km on the bike followed by a 5km run. So it will be puke to more puke.

I am feeling good and gonna throw down a sub 36 10km...that is the plan.

Off to eat and rest for tomorrow's event!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Big Training Day

Today was a big day of training. Headed to Neyagawa Trails and had to put out a 20 min warm up 3min hard 3 min easy x6 then 15min cool down. I was feeling strong and was holding 3:20's for the 3min hard and was recovering well. Was able to run a nice 14km.

After a reload of food I headed to the pool. Man!! pre season involves a ton of kicking. It was another fun night and am excited for the improvements in my stroke.

Also I am very excited for my new acquired sponsor. I have to say I love my Fiance and am so happy she understands...and excepts me..haha...

I am excited for the improvements in my overall health and performance!

Monday, September 10, 2007


Was suppose to head out on the bike but am really focusing on the running side of things right now. Want to go sub 1:30 at Worlds!
Went out easy this morning between clients. Felt really good so I dropped down the pace to a 4:30km and pushed out a 12km run with a fair amount of hills.

Mid day I was about to take a nap when I put in the new Transformers DVD...oh man! I must say in the top 2 best movies ever!! Bumble Bee is the man!
After a little nap I got ready for the night events....swim practice.

Swimming hurt tonight. 500 warm up choice...that was the easy part. Into 3x (75 swim, 25 scull - 25 kick-50 kick-75 kick) There was much more but it hurts just to think about it....

Big training day tomorrow. Hard run...swim and bike

It hurt...I am working hard on getting those ankles to bend!

Bed time

Owen Sound Race Report

What a weekend!

We headed down on the Friday to get a little R and R before the race. I raced on the Saturday and what I thought was going to be a sprint triathlon turned into a duathlon due to freezing water temperatures. I am talking 54 degrees!

It turned out to be a 2km run, 20km bike, 5km run. The run started fast and furious where the leaders took it out in a 3:15km pace. I stuck a 3:37km pace and ran 2km in 17:14. I headed out in 4th onto the bike. I pulled everyone in and was just behind the leader who was biking like a maniac. The headwind held other athletes back as I got a longer lead into the 5km.

Off the bike I was in 2nd and wasn't able to run down the leader and took 2nd overall. Ran a respectable 19min 5km to finish the race.

Sunday got crazy! What we thought was going to be an interesting race turned into a C3 powerhouse day. Sean took out the swim and lead the race right onto the bike. Next out of the water was James, Shags, Jenn, Dave, and Yorke. They got together and formed a great pack where they were able to have a good lead into the run.

Sean went solo and took the win with a stellar run off the bike. 2nd was Shags...congrats bro, the quest is on! Dave took 3rd with a "Pre" like run, and James, came in rounding out the pack.

The girls looked awesome! Rachel great work on a 2nd place, Coombs, we be runnin! and Jenn Great race stuck it strong!

Well all this was happening I threw down a 75min tempo run!! oh yeah...Du nats next week