Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Saucony AMP PRO 2 Compression is here!

So I have been given the honour, nah, the privilege to test out the newest compression to hit the market. Saucony has designed the AMP PRO 2 Technology which utilizes Celliant. A specially formulated technical fiber infused with natural minerals that act to increase oxygen levels in the body.

I am a big believer in compression and have seen results over the years in using compression tights and socks after recovery and also during training. I have a few varicose veins that tend to act up during hard training sessions but when I wear compression they are pain free. Also because racing takes me all over the world I am usually in compression on planes and long rides so I can keep the blood flow and not get stiff.

Saucony Canada has asked me to review the product and see what I think so keep a look out on my twitter!

As we speak I am sitting in there Recovery tight after a hard 5x 6min hammer above 300 watts on the bike into 1km run session on the treadmill. They feel awesome! Not too tight to sleep in, but a lot of compression on the calf muscles which feels awesome!

Thanks Saucony

Sunday, March 7, 2010

VR PRO Chilly Half Marathon

After the hard training we did in Tucson, I decided to put my hard work to the task of competing in the Chilly Half Marathon put on by What a great race to anyone who wants to enjoy a memorable half marathon. I have never been to a half before with so many spectators, great volunteers and elite competition. Kelly put on a great race and I am so glad I could be a part of it!

Coming back from Tucson, I knew I would be tired and it would be a mental game as well as a physical game out there. My wife was helpful in telling me I may be tired but don't stop!

We got there early and I had a solid warm up. They corralled us up around 15min early and of course I forgot to go to the washroom! I thought I could stick it out but had to stop at 10km to relieve myself. Sorry to the house in Oakville;)

One of my running partners explained he wanted to do a sub 1:20 and I was game with that. I thank Kyle once again for going 1:15 and almost blowing me up! Great race though bud, as he explained he surpised himself!

We took it out pretty conservative and at the 5km mark we were sitting at 18:10 so just a bit off 1:18:00 I knew we had the wind at our back so we worked a bit harder to get under that 6min mile pace. At 10km I had to leave the group to pee, but was able to track them down and sit around 20seconds back in a group, which the spectators called the red team...we all had red shirts on. But there was only one Saucony haha. At the turn I was feeling pretty good, mentally I knew the long training runs would pay off if I just hung on! At around 11 miles in a guy surged and caught up to me and we really worked well drafting off each other because of the serious head wind.

Into the finish line we said it was every man for himself and we both crossed in 1:19, not to shabby for a hard training day.

Overall I am super happy with my fitness right now. With a solid taper I will be ready for Around the Bay and The Boston Marathon. My goals are set out and I am ready to hit them. Diet is staying strong and I have a ton of motivation leading into the upcoming season. Thanks Saucony for some great gear, felt comfortable the whole run and to CeraSport, who's drink keeps me hydrated...maybe too hydrated haha