Saturday, July 25, 2009

You've Got To Be Kidding Me!

Before I talk about my day of training, I have to mention a novel I read on my trip to Greece. If you are a runner then you know Once a Runner. It is a story about Quiton Cassidy, a miler, who's only go is to break a 4 min mile. This book is Probably one of the hardest books to get a hold of and if you google it on EBAY, it starts at around 300 bucks! Anyone who is interested they have republished the novel and that is how I attained a copy! Long Story short, it is a truly inspiring novel and that is what lead to my training for the day!

Today was a 4 hour bike and run off to get ready for Calgary. I worked from 5:30 am to 12pm and it left a nice window in the afternoon to train. As we know in Ontario, mother nature decided to throw down a storm and a half! It looked like night outside and the rain was coming down hard! I had to train though. I thought back to Quinton Cassidy, going out in any type of weather and getting the job done! JUST F$#$%KING TRAIN! I jumped in my card and headed to Neyagawa. Not going to lie, as I was driving I was having doubts with my wipers on full blast!

I decided to do tomorrows workout today and ride tomorrow. This workout was a 90min run with 10 min at 6mile pace and 5 min at 7 mile pace repeat 4 times. After the serious amount of hill training I did in Greece, Neyagawa was easy! I started to run and just got slammed. The puddles were so did they were going up to my shin but I pressed on. I again was having doubts heading into the last 400m of the 5mile loop so I turned around and ran the other way! I figured if I couldn't see the end I had to keep going! Best decision around! I was flying! I was soaked head to toe but just turned off my brain and ran! That is why I do this sport for days like today.

After 10 miles I took it to the street to finish up the run.... in the crazy rain! As I finished up the run, no word of a lie, the rain stopped! I am talking sun come out, birds churping, stopped! I couldn't believe it. I was cooling down and as people were started to go for walks I was getting some weird looks being drenched head to toe!

All and all I had a wicked run. I only had 1 bottle of Cera Sport on the run due to me worrying about my bottle being washed down the side of the cliff.hahaha

Off to work the legs out on my Trigger Point! When they are tight it is the only thing that gets them loose!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm Back and filled with Greek Salad!

My wife and another couple went to Greece for 9 days and we had a blast. It was good to get away with her and spend some time away from our busy lives....want am I saying..haha I train for a living! Her busy life as a teacher and dealing with me.

Our trip started in Mykonos, which was beautiful. Our hotel was right on the ocean. My goal for the week was to run and swim like a mad man! First day we got there I got for a 60 minute run and learned real quickly that Greece is a hilly place! The next day was some interval work and funny enough I found a track! Oh yes, Greek people run! I got there and did 10 x 1km. I was mentally ready for it but some how I got lucky when I guy, who didn't speak English, asked if he could run with me. We started the workout and I hit the first km in 3:10....he was right next to me. By the time we hit the 5th repeat I got down to 3:06...and he was right next to me still!! I was asking myself what the hell is this guy on!! After the workout and getting down to 3:04 as my fastest repeat I asked him where he ran?? All I picked up was National Running Team and 1:14 half marathon! Boy had Speed!

After that I hit the pool, which was salt water and didn't taste good when I got some up the nose! The next day we were off to Paros, where again it was more hills. We rented an ATV and headed to the Caves and all around the island. I had to do a 90 min tempo run and felt like highlander running up and down the hills! I found a path and it was like running in Hilton Falls on rocks! It was pretty crazy but was well worth it when I was in the middle of know where enjoying the sound of the ocean and just being happy I could see that view!

I had a few other runs but nothing beat the run in Santorini. To get to Santorini you have to take a Ferry to the island then travel up around 100m! There is a path, which is cobblestone, and gravel which ran along the cliff edge! I woke up bright and early and got out for a 2 hour run. I didn't want to stop, it was amazing! The view kept me going fast!

Oh and before I forgot here is the break down of our day

wake up at 9am eat.......
go to the beach from 10 until 2......
Nap until 6pm.....
Go for a walk or train then eat at 9pm....
Party until 2 to 4 in the morning.... same thing everyday!!

Crazy!! Calgary is coming quick, so back in the water and excited to get back on the bike!!!