Friday, May 15, 2009


This week has been a great training block. I have been running and swimming very well. It is Mike's goal to make me come out into the lead pack and that would be crazy! That also means swim everyday! The running is flying my favorite set was 2 x 2km! I was flying and avg around 5:40 per mile! Solid.

My Guru Crono has been rebuilt ad made stronger! I am really excited to race this Monday in the Victoria Duathlon. Going to be some solid competition!

Had a solid workout yesterday too. It was a breezy 65 km/h wind so I went riding. Goal was to hammer around 250 watts then off the bike for a 90 min run. It was a great run because for the first 45min I had a serious tall wind. I smashed the run. The run was as follows. 20min hammer 10 min easy then 8min hard 8 min easy until I get to 90 min. After a swim practice I was good for the night.

I was supposed to have an easy day buy a client wanted to do a bike to run and I couldn't resist..haha Just got out of the pool now time for a nap!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


First off, I am excited that Trigger Point is now one of my sponsors! They are the best Therapy kit out!

So after getting stuck in Puerto Rico on the Thursday, Lisa and I finally made it to St.Croix. On the Friday we got into the water to test out my Xterra FastSkin and my Sable Water Optics! Xterra's suit was tight and fast and I could see everything with my sable water Optics! I must say I love swimming in the Islands when you can see sting rays swimming below you! Amazing!

After getting out for a little prep on the Saturday I was feeling awesome and ready to race Sunday.

Sunday came quick and like that I was putting my Guru Crono bike into Transition. My Pink Crono stayed at home and I brought out the red Crono, which looked fast! I then put on my new 2XU Tri suit, which was a pretty blue! Love it.

I got into the water right away to warm up. Xterra was everywhere in St.Croix and I was excited to see how well they are doing, not to mention how fast the suit is! My goal in the swim was to get onto the feel of the guys and safe my energy for the bike. That is what I did! I came out of the water in the 2nd pack and got ready for the bike! I passed 7 guys on the bike. It must have been the best fit and Retul in the business from! Ian made my Guru Fast! I was feeling great and ended up avg close to 300 watts for 90km! Not bad but when the lead pack was a group of 6 it was hard to catch up!

Into the run I was feeling solid. I was fueled but knew I lost a lot of sodium on the bike. The first 10km of the race was awesome and my Saucony Flats were going to town! I was hunting people down and passed a couple more pros and then my lack of sodium caught up to me! The last 10km was tough but I learned how important fuel is on this race.

Goal for next year is to get out training more down south to get ready for the heat.

All and all I had a great race and saw a lot of potential for the season!

Here are some more pics and thanks again to everyone behind me!

Update and Race Pics

Sorry I haven't written in a while. After coming back from St.Croix it has been all business! I had a solid recovery week then started to pick it up! Swimming is going great! As Joanna Zieger told me, get my ass in the pool and swim. Mike has been awesome to get me swimming fast!

Yesterday was a solid morning swim...yes morning swim! 4 hour bike then a 5km run off the bike and threw down a solid 17:30 on the treadmill. Felt good
Today was another swim with a 15min warm up 2 x 2km run. The run was feeling awesome and excited for the Duathlon on Monday!