Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day 10 miler

Let me take you back a bit. In 2005 I started Triathlon and started running. I used to play football, weigh 200 lbs and not eat that healthy. When I took up this sport, I started with a great group out of Port Credit. This consisted of people who have done Ironman, Boston, New York and many other races you can only dream of. In this group I met a guy named Bob Rose. I outspoken 55 year old who was fast! Everyone told me to be careful of this guy and not piss him off. So I did the opposite and pressed on him every chance I could. After he would shatter me every run and bike we would get together and talk about Triathlon, goals and anything you can think of. I need to first give a huge shout out to Bob because I wouldn't be where I am today without is help, inspiration and drive to succeed, in life or triathlon!

After a run on Christmas Day 2005 Bob said we should do the race tomorrow. I had no perception on running at this point and was just completing 12km without keeling over. The race was the Boxing Day 10 miler in Hamilton. At this point I thought it was a 10km and said sure lets do this, not knowing it was a mile race. The race was cold in 2005 and as Bob explains it almost had me at the line but I out sprinted him and finished in a time of 1:12. Now if you know Bob this story has lasted with me to this day and pretty sure forever. After the race we went out for breakfast and Bob said to me, "If you can go Sub 60min on this course, you can call yourself a runner!! Until then you are just a jogger!" This quote has stuck with me.

Now to the present. The temp was amazing, 4 degrees, no rain and no snow!!! my goal was to 58-59min. Something I haven't done on this course before. I come so close and just can't hang on. my goal was simple, take it out for the first 5miles around 5:45 per mile and hang on through the hill section. 5 miles in I was at 29:22 right on pace. I only gave up 20 seconds on the hill section and kept the legs moving. I was pretty much on my own for most of the race except one female runner who was super fast on the downhill and I would catch her on the up hill. To bad the finish was downhill..she got me..haha.

The great part about this race is I went 59:44. A great way to finish off the year! I can call myself a runner and all the hard work is paying off. This medal is the best medal I have because it means a lot to me and to the people who have stuck by me and pushed me to be the best. Thanks Bob!

The race this year was great and I have to also say congratulations to my wife, who is super fast! and ran a 1:23. She is back racing ladies and gentlemen and I can't be prouder! Also Bob did a 1:21 and Kelly did a 1:22. I also have to thank Saucony for the wicked gear and shoes. Their A3 Flats are super fast...just don't wear them when the ground is wet and running through trials..haha..holes in the bottom. Lastly thanks to Gord and the Nomads who are going to help me kill it this year in the run!

All the best and have a Merry Christmas!

2010 is going to be insane. Next year 57 haha

Monday, December 21, 2009

2010 Tri Geek Talk

Everyone knew it was coming. Talking about the upcoming gear for 2010! haha

I have been given insider trading tips on the new gear, swag and endurance formulas coming out in the new year. Mostly from my sponsors, Saucony Canada, Gears Bike Shop, Cera Sport, Xterra Wetsuits, ISM Saddles, Trigger Point and Altitude Tech. Let the fun begin:

Saucony: 2010 is a Big year for Saucony. They have new shoes coming out, which will blow away the competition. 2009 was great the shoes such as the Triumph, Fasttwich and their best flat ever the Type A3 kept me injury free in some tough terrain races. I can't give it away but watch out 2XU and Nike in 2010, I have seen what is coming and it is going to be huge! Also if you are knee deep in snow the new Razor will keep your feet warm, dry and you will have full traction! Amazing.

Gears Bike Shop: Gears is coming on strong in 2010 and giving some of the best deals around for Specialized bikes. Not going to lie, I bought one myself for the deals that are going on right now. They bought all the 2009 models so if you are in need of a bike and don't want to spend the 3-4 thousand dollars head to gears and pick up a top of the line 2009 bike for half the price. Also get ready to see the new colour designs of the Transitions for 2010, they look super sleek!

Cerasport: Cerasport is the best product on the market in terms of electrolytes and osmolarity. I was excited to try their formula and haven't looked back. Many athletes such as Richie Cunningham and Mirinda Carfrae have switched to the formula which is easy on the stomach and keeps the engine going. Remember the last thing you want is hyponotremia! (Hope I spelt that right!) Also I ahve introduced CeraSport to many clients and athletes and they say the same thing. It keeps energy in the bank!!! 2010 Cerasport has some new tricks up their sleeves so check them out online or link through my website. Can't tell you what is coming out buy pretty excited!

Xterra Wetsuits: What can I say expect they are making me swim fast! The Vendetta has knocked time off my swim and I can't wait to put it on again in 2010. It is the most flexible and bouynt wetsuit around. 2010 they are going strong and taking over Ontario. If you don't have one get one because Xterra is taking over! Also not to mention their Fastskin, which in non-wetsuit swims have kept me in the pack and able to put time on my competitors! Amazing

ISM Seats: If you haven't seen their oddly shaped seat in 2009 get ready! 2010 is the year of ISM. Many of the pro's, like myself have switched to the saddle to increase power and save my bum on the bike. Doing 6 hours a day on the bike hurts and it is the best saddle around to decrease saddle soars. Not to mention the power it allows you to produce! They have new sleeker designs and endless reviews that will blow your mind. Check it out.

Sable Water Optics: They came on the scene a few years ago and haven't stopped. They are the most recognized goggle in triathlon and have some of the top professionals wearing them. They decrease the chance of fog and allow you to see a lot more of the water during a swim. In 2010 they will keep being one of the most desired goggles around.

Trigger Point Therapy: I am lucky to see a physio everyweek, but when I am away TP keeps me healthy. It hurts, but man does it work. They have many new tools to help with all the injuries a triathlete gets during the season from ITB pain to tight calf muscles. They help emmensly and if you don't have one get it! You will be fixed!!

Altitude Tech: As a professional athlete having a tent has kept me in the pack. Having a full time job means I can't train in Boulder or Arizona for parts of the year so I bring it to me. I have a tent in my house, which fits easily around my bed and is quite comfortable to sleep in. You can sleep at different setting but usually I am around 9000ft to increase hemocrit and also allow me to sleep. It is a tool I will keep using into 2010 and am glad I got one.

That is all for now have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! Wolfman Out