Friday, September 4, 2009

LG Superleggera Aero Helmet Review

Louis Garneau just sent me the new Superleggera Aero Helmet. It came out in 2008 and is similar to the Rocket but has a golf ball effect on the front. The idea is to resemble the flight of a golf ball to decrease the wind resistance flowing over the helmet. I was able to test it out yesterday. Sorry everyone I wasn't seen outside, but on the trainer. I really like how the helmet fits. It is comfortable and fits my Oakley Radars, which was always an issue with other aero helmets. It was a ton of air flow so I won't over heat during a race and it is easy to adjust on the back! I am so excited to race this helmet next week.

Also Louis Garneau's Tri shoes fit great. They have been a solid shoe that allows for fast transitions and comfort! What more do I need! Now I will put them to work on my Guru Crono Pro!!!

Thanks Karine and LG!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Demi-Esprit Triathlon

It has been about a week since I have posted a blog. I would say that is a good thing! Means I am training hard. I am feeling good...tired...but good. Sean and I headed up to Meaford for a weekend training camp. The weather could have been a bit better for us but we got the job done.

I am really excited for the Demi-Esprit in Montreal, it will be fast! I have my goals, which I think I can achieve so now I am in my last week of preparation before I get ready to drop the hammer!

Mark Parsons will be joining me in this adventure to Montreal and he will be doing the Full Esprit race, which is more mental then anything. Picture running 26.2 miles on a course that is only 3 miles long! That is insane! He will do great. I am heading off to nap right now. Just took my bike into Younique Cycles for some pampering after getting poured on over the weekend! Also Bob was a great help today putting on his fins as we did an open water swim. He really helped simulate the guys I go against in every race!

PS. Shannon and I have just sold our house in Milton and will be moving onto the Neyagawa Trial in Oakville! Our house will be closing in May and we couldn't be happier!

Will do a big email before I head to Montreal!