Friday, June 19, 2009

Training Week

I was feeling really motivated after a solid race weekend so it was time to train again. I was feeling sluggish, so Lisa made me work to get it out..haha That's what she does.


My Legs were still sore so I put on my 2XU compression socks and headed to Hilton Falls. It is a 9.5km loop but if you start from your car it is exactly 10km. The terrain is a bit dodgy but all and all a solid loop. Just keep your eyes on the prize! Jimbo joined me and I figured he thought he could put the hurt on me...he was wrong. We did a 15min warm up then the goal was a Fartlek pace. Meaning hammer for different amounts of time then pull back to work on fast pacing. I was ranging between 30-45 sec sprints with 30 sec recovery. Then we took it into race pace for the last 10 min. We made the 10km loop in 42min, which gave us a 3 min cool down...not bad at all!

That night I went to swim with Mississauga, which again owned me.


Morning Swim with Mississauaga. I was feeling fast today and I can't exactly remember the main set but was hitting my 200's on 2:48...for me that is quick! I also for warm up had to wear a snorkel, which let me tell you is tough as hell!

That afternoon it started to rain, which meant only one thing! Run time!!! I love running in the rain, I still haven't figured out why, it always makes me really tired after but I am like a big kid jumping in the puddles. I went out with the Elk Parsons, who pressed when I had to pee. Not cool, but hunted him down and gave him a solid splash, which wrinkled his tail feathers! It was a solid 6:45 pace for 90min. Nothing slower nothing faster. I will be honest, there was not a lot in the tank on this run put pushed on! thanks for the help Mark.

Thursday: This was a great Speed day. Jim joined me again at my place for a trainer ride. The goal was a 90 min ride and for 20min in the middle hold a tempo pace, which for me was around 280 watts. I have a flow trainer so I set it at 280 and held strong! It was feeling great, really going to push the bike in these upcoming races! Off the bike the goal was simple. 15min under 6min miles. I am lucky I live close to a track so off we went and I stuck every 200m at 45 seconds and then pressed in the last few minutes to get under 6min miles! Feeling good.

To top it off we then headed to the pool and did a 1000m warm up into 10x100m on 1:30. I was coming in around 1:27 and leaving. It was pretty much a full out swim, but that is what I need to be doing!

Today is an off day, or as I like to call it golf day! I went to Cross Winds today and had a great game. My buddy Steph came and shot a 37 front 9! Amazing, best he has ever shot then blew up on the back and he let me get him! I ended up shooting a 85 and Steph shot an 86!

Also I still have a set up Blackwell Research Wheels for Sale. If anyone would like them I will get rid of them for $1100 bucks. Just got my new HED wheels so they are just sitting here!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Signs you're a Triathlete

Here are the top 50 signs you're a triathlete:

50. You are over 30 and there is still someone in your life that you refer to as "coach."

49. Your last bike cost more than your first car.

48. You have peed outdoors more times in the last year than you did in your first year of university.

47. You think of mowing the lawn as a form of cross-training.

46. You've worn a heart-rate monitor to bed.
45. And it wasn't when you were sleeping.

44. You refer to the front hall of your house as the "transition area."

43. When you get home from a training session at the pool, the newspaper is just being delivered to your house. (June)

42. You have changed more flat tires this year than light bulbs.

41. The most frequently used software program on your computer is the
one that keeps track of your workouts.

40. You have no idea why they called Cal Ripken Jr. "Iron Man" when,
after all, he was a baseball player.

39. The first three items on your grocery list are Gatorade, power bars
and gels.

38. When you floss at night, it's to get the bugs out of your teeth.

37. Your legs move in a cycling motion while you are asleep.

36. When you see a drop of blood, your first reaction is that you
spilled some red Gatorade.

35. You know how far you biked and ran last year, to one-tenth of a

34. You think the ultimate form of wallpaper is about 64 racing bibs.

33. A 19-year-old kid who works in a bicycle shop knows more about you
than your next-door neighbour.

32. Your children are more likely to recognize you if you put on a
bicycle helmet.

31. You have a vanity licence plate with the word "Kona" in it.

30. About half the shirts you own have at least a dozen logos on the
back of them.

29. You don't find the word "fartlek" in the least bit amusing. (Glen)

28. When you refer to your "partner," you mean neither your spouse nor
the co-owner of your business but the person you run or bike with three
times a week.

27. You shave your legs more often than your wife. (me)

26. The closest you came to punching somebody was when they disagreed with your position on whether wearing a wetsuit amounts to cheaing.

25. It doesn't feel right that you can't "clip" in and out of the pedals
in your car.

24. There is a group of people in your life about whom you are more
likely to know how fast they can swim 100 metres than their surnames or

23. Some of the shorts you wear today are tighter than the ones you ore
inhigh school.

22. You are frustrated with the latest Garmin Forerunner because its
live readings have a margin of error of approximately three per cent.

21. There's a separate load of laundry every week that is just your
workout clothes. (all of us)

20. One of your goals this year is to be faster at getting out of your

19. You failed high school chemistry but you could teach a course on
lactic acid.

18. All you want for Christmas is something called a carbon crank set. (Michael)

17. You wore a digital watch to your wedding. (Micael.....almost)

16. You have to have completely separate meals from your spouse bcause he or she is on a low-carb diet.

15. Your bicycle is in your living room.

14. You have stocked up on a brand of cereal because it has a coupon
that will save you money on your next two pairs of running shoes.

13. In order to establish a new personal best, you considered peeing
without getting off your bike.

12. One of your proudest moments is when you lost a toenail.

11. When a car follows too closely behind you, you accuse the driver of

10. When you went for a job interview, you wrote your social insurance
number on your arm in black marker.

9. Your spouse cried during Terms of Endearment; you cried during the
television coverage of the Hawaii Ironman.

8. You're comfortable discussing the sensitivity of your nipples with
other guys.

7. Your spouse is looking forward to the day when you will slow down and
just run marathons.

6. You have paused in front of the mirror in your wetsuit and thought,
"Hey, I look like Spiderman."

5. You see no issue with talking about treatments for chafing or saddle
rash at the dinner table.

4. You recently asked your spouse out for dinner by asking if he or she
wanted to "fuel up" together.

3. For you, "bonking" no longer has a sexual connotation.

2. The magazine secretly tucked under your mattress has pictures of
really expensive bicycles in it.

And the No. 1 sign you're a triathlete:

1. Most of this list doesn't seem like a joke to you.

Monday, June 15, 2009


I have had a lot of people ask about the comfort of the ISM Saddle. Currently I am riding the Racing Adamo saddle, which is made to race. It is also a great colour...PINK! Dave got it to match perfectly!

I thought about the comfort today when I got back onto my road bike, which doesn't have a ISM saddle and I couldn't get comfortable! Lets just say I was having some comfort issues! I also didn't feel I could get enough length in my hips and was feeling bunched up!

After that feeling, I put my ISM right onto my road bike and was set! I have never had a such a comfortable saddle and love that they are behind me...or should I say under me..haha

Today was a solid 90min ride, with a crazy swim set this morning. My swim coach wasn't happy with the time so made me swim hard....thanks Mike!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Muskoka Long Course Race Report

I was feeling good leading into this race. I had a great week of training and was tapered, ready to go. Shannon and I went up the day before and I met up with Sean to get some pre race swim bike and run in. My Guru was dialed in by Yonique Cycle the day before the race and was running fast. We put 404's on the bike with a powertap and it came out to a heavy 17 lbs..haha, that's pretty light.

Mentally I was ready to go and looking for a sub 3 hour marathon. The motto for this race was you gotta risk it, to get the biscuit! My swim was feeling good and was excited to get my new Xterra Vendetta on in the water!

I was excited for the bike because I was able to fuel with CeraSport and really test out how well it works on my body. Training with it has been going great so was excited not to bloat or feel cramped!

I did a really good warm up and Sean helped me with the line to take heading into the rived (Geography Major) It went out fast like it normally does and I got into a solid groove. I can say I was feeling great! I got on Lisa's feet and didn't know that there were a ton of other pro's who decided to hop on mine..haha! All good I came out in 31 minutes, which is slow for me but with the current in the river I will take it! My shoulders felt great though, which is usually an issue for me with a new wetsuit and the Vendetta felt really comfortable!

Onto the bike I was excited to see what this Guru could do. I went to town! I avg 295 watts and came in at 1:30, which was the 12th fastest bike split! I also did not cramp with Cera Sport helping me with fueling! This put me in a good spot for the run.

Off the bike I was feeling fast and excited to run fast! Last year I did a 58 off the bike so I was excited to see what I can do. I saw James Loaring ahead so I was trying to make ground but boy, can he run..haha. He got me by a minute by the end of it. I came in at 59:30, which was a bit disappointing. I haven't found that gear I had last year. I felt strong and only one guy past me but I couldn't make any ground on the other guys. More tempo is going to be key and motivated to get faster and stick the 6min miles off the bike I know I can do!

I also have to say thanks to the great spectator team of Mike, Dave, Krystal and of course my beautiful wife Shannon! Thinking of doing Guelph next week but want to focus on the run for a bit and hit Peterborough!

I also have to say thanks to the Running Company, Saucony who has given me flats that I don't get blisters from! Sable Water Optics who keep seeing in the water and Trigger Point Therapy who keeps me healthy and not injured! Love it

Thanks so much

I have posted some pics