Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Long Run

This week has been non-stop! Shannon has headed north to Sudbury for a course on Tripping. She is living in a tent, canoeing and sleeping under the start! It's what she does and I am super proud of her. It is a 7 day event where she is learning essential skills to do this sort of adventure, or trip, with her school kids! However, this has left me in charge of the house!

For all who know me, without Shannon I can be pretty boring. Eat, Sleep, Train and work. Well That is about all I have been doing this week!

Monday was an easy day after going hard on the weekend. After heading the AM Masters swim I went for a 45min run on the treadmill. It was really humid outside and wanted to save my legs for the long run that was coming on Tuesday. I did a lot of Fartlek work and polished off 6 miles. After that went home and played with the puppy!

Tuesday was going to be fun! I had a 2:15 run, which I figured I could polish off 19 miles. I parked my car at Simon's house at 4:30am in the morning and we headed to work. This left me with no excuse to run home. The route I was taking was only 14 miles so I had to take on an extra 5! I started from the gym and headed West on Lakeshore to Ford Drive. I went North on Ford to Upper Middle. By this time it was around 30 + degrees out and thank god I sucked it up and wore a fuel belt. I usually do a lot of lap long runs because I hate wearing be honest I think it looks dorky. I had two gels and 2 bottles of Cera Sport and 2 bottles of water. Once I hit the top of Upper Milddle Lisa wanted me to drop the hammer and keep it around 6:20 mile, which is around a 4 min km.. don't quote me on that haha I felt awesome and headed North up to Glen Oaks made a right and cruised it all the way to Bronte. I looped back onto Heritage Way from Upper Middle and called it a day. When I stopped it took a minute for me to regroup. All and all did 18 miles and change. Not a bad day at the office. I opted out of Swimming. Legs weren't doing so well!

Today I had a solid Swim in the am and now getting ready to cycle! Going out for a 3 hour ride then heading back to work!

......Like I said pretty boring haha

Monday, August 17, 2009

Solid Session

Mostly recovery up until Friday. I put a lot of miles on the bike and was riding around 3 hours each day. Feeling good. Friday was a big transition Workout! It started with a 2 hour bike on the trainer! Yes, Brian and I sat on the back deck and rode our computrainers for a solid 2 hours. The main set after some warm up was 2 sets of (5x5min hard intervals) My goal was to hold 305-310 and Brian was looking for 270-275 watts! After doing that set 10 times our legs were pretty smashed so what better time to go to the track!

Off the bike we did 3x1mile, I was coming in around 5:45 per mile. Then it was a 15min tempo run. I was feeling good and stuck 45sec per 200m which was right on 6min miles. It was hot and I was feeling the heat. After that I took a regroup and did 4x800m. All out! I was sticking around 2:50 per 800m. I was cooked!

Saturday I was able to get a quick run in with Kyle then we headed to the pool before Kim And Drew's wedding. Congratulations again guys on a beautiful day, wedding was great! Shannon and I danced it up!!!

Sunday I started early...tried to start earlier but slept in! Sorry Bob! We got out on the bike at 7:30 and did a ride to Belfountain. We did 3 x30min tempo and was sticking around 290 watts for the 30 min TT. I was really tired today after a busy couple days. Have to give a serious shout out to Jen who dropped a guy off her wheel into the 4 hour mark of our ride!!

Off the bike I got right into it and threw down 30min in Neyagawa at a 6min mile tempo then shut it down for the next 30!

Off to run and great seeing you out there Falcons! Larry you are a should have attacked haha