Sunday, April 25, 2010

Recovery Week

This week has been all about recovery. To be totally honest, my legs took a beating and my goal was to be smart and recovery before getting back into serious training. I focused a lot on swimming and short recovery runs. Although pushing off a wall in the pool hurt a bit.

After visiting Dr. Mark Scappaticci, B.Sc. (Hons), DAt, FCCSS, CKTI, he gave me, what I like to call, the Holy Grail of sports cream. Going into Boston I had some tight calf muscles so I asked if he had knew anything that would help. He gave me a product called LivRelief ( This pain medicine cream is faster acting, more then Advil and it is proven to go deeper into the muscle and decrease inflammation. Mark gave me a pre race cream and a post race cream to try out and I loved it. I rubbed the pre workout cream on during a training run and it instantly warmed my legs up and made them feel loose. The run was awesome and when I was finished instead of jumping into a ice bath I put the Post Workout cream on and I was feeling great.

So because it has hurt to live for the past week because of the race, livrelief has been helping me great through the workouts pain free and not getting injured, which is key!

Check it out!