Saturday, November 12, 2011

No, I haven't been in hiding

Since Rev3 Cedar Point, I decreased my mileage, spent time with my family and really focused on my run. If you look at all the results in the WTC 70.3 Events, if you aren't running a sub 1:15 off the bike you aren't getting on the podium. Shannon and I talked about plans for next season and after giving a shot at Ironman, we both agree, I suck at them. I just don't get them and to be honest suck at holding back and not going full throttle. At least I can admit that, lol. So next season is all about speed. I know most people will say a 70.3 race is still long but in training for Ironman this is a walk in the park and training will be similar to an Olympic distance event.

I joined Toronto Olympic Club out of Toronto about a month ago and haven't looked back. Paul and Kevin have amazing coaching skills, and great work ethic. Every workout has a purpose, which I always believe in and there are some really fast runners out there. This is exactly what I need to get faster. So far, the workouts have been tough but focusing on speed and technique has really improved my running.

My first test of speed was at the 10km Trek or Treat. My goal was take the first 3km pretty hard around 10min then settle it in. After 3km I was feeling great and no one was around. Saucony was the main sponsor, so it was nice to take a win with them there

This takes me to last weekend. I wan't supposed to race, but I had the itch. For most people reading this you are probably similar to me and have the need to race and go fast! On the Saturday I signed up for the Road 2 Hope Half Marathon. I haven't done a half marathon in a while so I had no expectations. My plan was to go sub 1:18 and help Larry get a Sub 1:18, which he did!! 1:17:51. 10 km into the run I was feeling great and was sitting at 35:10, so I figured I would keep the pace up. At 10 miles I was rocking at 57:20 and working the numbers in my head I was on a 1:15 pace. With 3km left I turned into a serious head wind and, really had to work but managed to push through and hit a 1:16:55. Not bad for going in with no expectations;)

Tomorrow is Raid the Hammer with Sean and Jen, and I am super pumped to run and get dirty!! It has been a long time since I have done one of these so hopefully I still have a bit of navigational skills in me!!

Other then that life is good, big race coming up is Boxing Day 10 Miler, and Miami Half Marathon!! Thanks to all my sponsors Saucony, Xterra, Rudy Project, Wheels!!

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