Sunday, July 10, 2011

2 weeks to Placid and Peterborough was HOT!!

Today was the 2011 Peterborough Half Ironman. It has been a couple years since I did this half ironman and I threw down a 4:13 last time so was excited to race but 40 degree heat made it difficult. The Swim was a 2 laps and I felt really good in the water. I finished the first lap and it said 15 min? I have been coming out of the water in around 27-29 min so knew this swim was long. Also Jen Amaral who is a very talented swimmer came out in 29 min..she is a 26 min swimmer. Into transition I was feeling pretty good and quickly went to work on the bike.

Today was a day for nutrition. I usually intake around 800 calories on the bike for a 70.3 but today I decided to up it to 1200 with the heat. Man was it hot! I quickly made my way through the field and was told I was sitting 3rd overall. The guys in front of me were flying. At the turn around I was right on a 2:15 bike split but when we hit the turn around I got smacked in the face with a head wind. I decided to be smart, knowing I had to run in 40 degree heat. I avg 270 watts into the wind and really focused on nutrition and staying hydrated. With about 20km left I was caught by 2 guys and we paced each other back into T2. I got off the bike in 2:24 and legs were feeling ok.

Into the run I knew it was going to be a long day. The heat was crazy and need to give a shout out to the top 3 because they fought hard and put up a great result. I got passed and was sitting 4th overall and was feeling the heat. I knew this was just a training race so when I got passed I slowed the pace to my Ironman pace and felt good. I didn't see anyone else for the race and cruised into the finish. I can honestly say the heat was the hottest I have ever raced in and to all the athletes who competed today great work, it was tough and if you finished job well done.

It's all about being smart right now. Turning the engine off for a couple weeks and get fully recovered. After a great race in Welland and a solid training effort today I am tired and going to be ready for Placid.....Goal for next 2 weeks is to not eat too much lol.

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